What Gayle King was REALLY thinking during explosive R. Kelly interview


In the CBS News interview, Kelly became emotional when he accused his critics of "trying to kill" him, and insisted allegations against him are "not true". People are trying to get book deals.

Others may have anxious for her safety during her volatile interview with R. Kelly, but Gayle King wasn't concerned.

Since that time, Kelly has sold millions of recordings, and has headlined hundreds of concerts. The singer also believes that Andrea is the reason why he owes so much in unpaid child support.

"R. Kelly comes back in and he can hear the conversation". The interview has not gone unnoticed by the public as the three-time Grammy victor grew emotional during the interview, eventually raising his voice and breaking down in tears as he denied the claims about him.

But King spoke with Joycelyn Savage's parents and they claim Kelly has brainwashed their daughter and is holding her against her will.

"We live with him, and we're in a relationship with him", Clary said. We all are family.

The singer is adamant that he will be vindicated of all charges once he has his turn in court (again) and that this is all just a smear campaign against him by women (some of whom he doesn't even remember ever having relations with). There are people all over the world who have multiple girlfriends.

"Yes - I did", she smiled at Colbert.

After Kelly posted $100,000 bail and was released from jail for sexual abuse charges, he headed straight to McDonald's. "I want a relationship with my kids because I've missed a lot of years of their life".

Kelly told King, "What kind of father, what kind of mother will sell their daughter to a man?..."

The picture, she said, was taken by her makeup artist, who King said she did not even realize was in the room. He has two sons and a daughter with ex-wife Andrea Lee.

King asked Kelly about the "rescue" during their interview. But that doesn't mean that this week's news cycle has done right by Kelly's accusers.

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"How can I pay child support? How?" But just use your common sense. She joined forces with Kenyette Barnes, a social justice activist, and coined the hashtag #MuteRKelly.

Azriel says she never had underage sex with R. Kelly and maintains her parents encouraged her to blackmail him by taking sexually explicit pictures to blackmail him.

After standing by Kelly for years, Sony/RCA dropped him from its label.

Roberts said that she was allowed to press and challenge Smollett on details that were not clear with his story.

Meanwhile, other young women were falling under the spell of the famous celebrity.

I'm told that R. Kelly is talking to members of my own team (and saying), 'They (Savage and Clary) are doing OK, they're doing OK, should I go in and stop it? "That he needs help, but this man has done so many women wrong and he needs to rot in that jail cell". Both women claim that their parents want to extract money from Kelly.

"Okay, so when I first met Robert, my parents told me to lie about my age".

"Yes I did, I said that to her", King added to Colbert.

Timothy Savage echoed the Clary's statement.

At one point, Clary broke down and cried, covering her face with her sculptured nails. "When I see Robert getting really upset and he stands out of his seat, my initial reaction is 'Oh God, please don't leave.' So I thought if I just sit there quietly looking at him, he would know I'm not going anywhere and I'll just wait for you to finish whatever this is, and then you'll sit back down in the seat. You saying this Gayle - you breaking my heart - you saying it like you believe it".

But what these young women have yet to learn is that love always puts family first.