United Nations rights forum condemns Israel over deadly Gaza protests


A Palestinian holds a Palestinian flag as he uses a slingshot to hurl rocks at Israeli troops during clashes near the border with Israel, east of Gaza City, on October 26, 2018.

The resolution comes after a three-person team of investigators commissioned by the council late last month issued an extensive report on violence during a string of Palestinian protests along Gaza's border fence with Israel, which started almost a year ago. No injuries nor material damages were reported.

It called for cooperating with a preliminary examination opened by the International Criminal Court (ICC) in 2015 into alleged Israeli human rights violations.

On Friday, the Humans Rights Council adopted a resolution on accountability tabled by Pakistan on behalf of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC).

Singer also said that "the resolution on Golan is just as disconnected, going so far as to accuse Israel of obstructing the "fundamental rights" of non-Jewish citizens in that area, while conveniently and completely ignoring that these citizens enjoy full protection under Israeli law, and even voluntarily and proudly serve in the Israel Defense Forces".

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Jihad Munir Khaled Hararah (24), from al-Shija'iyah neighborhood in Gaza City, was wounded in eastern Shija'iyah and arrived at 16:50 at al-Shifaa' Hospital, where his death was declared at 17:30. The toll included 35 Palestinian children, two journalists, and medical workers, he noted.

The only way to avert an escalation in security in the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip is to implement partial Egypt-proposed understandings, said Israeli media.

The Israeli government did not cooperate with the authors of the report. The number of those wounded only include those wounded with live bullets and directly hit with tear gas canisters, as there have been thousand others who suffered tear gas inhalation and sustained bruises. ISF violated worldwide law by targeting civilians based on their political affiliation and not their direct conduct.

They are demanding the right to return to land from which their ancestors fled or were forced to flee during Israel's founding in 1948.