Turkish leader shows NZ attack video at rallies


Ignoring widespread criticism, Erdoğan again showed excerpts of a video taken by the attacker who killed 50 people in mosques in New Zealand, to denounce what he called rising hatred and prejudice against Islam.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan speaks at a campaign rally by his Justice and Development Party and Nationalist Movement Party in Izmir, Turkey, on Sunday.

"Your grandparents came here. and they returned in caskets".

Peters rebuked the use of that footage and Erdogan's comments about New Zealand, saying he had told Turkey's Foreign Minister that it was unfair and unsafe to blame New Zealand. "If New Zealand doesn't make you, we know how to make you pay one way or another", Mr Erdogan told an election rally of thousands in northern Turkey on Tuesday.

Speaking after a meeting of New Zealand's cabinet, Foreign Minister Winston Peters said he told his Turkish counterpart that Erdogan's use of the footage in an election campaign was wrong.

"The terrorist attack in New Zealand is a signal of certain circles addressed to Turkey".

"The responsibility in these situations, of all leaders, is to take the temperature down, and I don't seek to escalate that in the response I'm giving to today", he said.

How to Help Victims of the Christchurch Terrorist Attacks
The school children were gathered outside the Al Noor mosque in Christchurch, where a white supremacist massacred 50 Muslims. Police have said the teenager - who can not yet be named - was not involved in the attack on two mosques.

"Anything of that nature that misrepresents this country, given that this was a non-New Zealand citizen, imperils the future and safety of New Zealand's people and our people overseas".

"If you come with the same intention, we'll be waiting for you", he said, warning they would be sent off just like their ancestors "without doubt". He made the comments in Canakkale province, northwestern Turkey which is home to the historic battlefields, on the anniversary of a World War I Turkish naval victory.

Speaking at the commemorations for the Battle of Gallipoli, where 50,000 Allied troops, almost 3,000 of them from New Zealand, died, Mr Erdogan said: "They are testing us from..."

Majority MuslimTurkeystraddles Europe and Asia, its Asian section known as Anatolia.Turkey's largest city, Istanbul, is split between an Asian part to the east of the Bosphorus, and a European half to the west of the strait.

Tarrant twice visited Turkey for a total of 43 days in 2016, Erdogan said, vowing to "uncover the connection soon".

Mr Erdogan's AK Party, which has dominated Turkish politics for more than 16 years, is battling for votes as the economy tips into recession after years of strong growth.