Trump's Lawyer Objects To Public Release Of 'Confidential' Answers To Mueller


So now, regardless of what details the Mueller report holds, Trump can sell it as a victory and claim that "look I always said it, it was all just a witch hunt, an illegal campaign to remove me from office".

As a result, his team now needs to comb through its pages to identify any material that can not be released by law (they'll get some help from the special counsel to speed up the process).

Not so fast, say Trump's opponents.

However, Barr and Mueller stressed that it didn't exonerate him.

Mueller's investigation saw 34 people charged, among them six Trump aides and advisers.

Special counsel Robert Mueller did not find evidence that President Donald Trump's campaign "conspired or coordinated" with Russian Federation to influence the 2016 presidential election but reached no conclusion on whether Trump obstructed justice.

Barr's letter was summary of what he called the "principal conclusions" of Mueller's high-anticipated report on his investigation into possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Moscow during the 2016 election and whether the president obstructed justice, among other things.

Barr, the US chief prosecutor, also noted that Mueller's team has no plans to issue any new indictments. There was no conflict of interest that would have prevented the Justice Department from investigating this in the normal force. But none of the charges has directly addressed the question of whether there was coordination between Trump's associates and Russian officials.

Trump Lays Down Cover Fire Before Release Of Mueller Report
Trump has been investigated for nearly two years, following suspicions that he or his team had improper ties to Moscow. "Let it come out, let people see it", Trump told reporters as he left the White House for a trip to Ohio.

He says the Justice Department needs more time to wrap up Mueller's two-year probe. The lack of info shared by AG William Barr has left voters, including celebs, with more questions than answers.

The also called for the report to be made public-a point echoed by 2020 Democratic presidential candidates.

President Donald Trump's personal lawyer Jay Sekulow is opposing a public release of his client's written answers to special counsel Robert Mueller, calling them "confidential communications".

The Intelligence Committee has re-opened its investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election and communications between members of Trump's campaign team and Russia after the previous Republican majority shuttered that probe early in 2018.

"The conclusions of the Mueller investigation are a disgrace for the United States and its political elite".

Trump embraced the summary's findings, retweeting Barr's assessment and related headlines news media despite years of decrying the "fake news" as #ReleaseTheFullMuellerReport trended nationwide on social media.

They criticized Barr, who came to his decision in consultation with Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, for coming to his conclusion about Mueller's obstruction evidence without ever interviewing the president.

Trump fired his Federal Bureau of Investigation director James Comey in May 2017 and later said in an NBC News interview that "this Russian Federation thing" was one factor in his mind at the time - a significant enough issue to have guaranteed Comey's firing.