Sorry Republicans, Adam Schiff Isn’t Going Anywhere


He then questioned the role Trump's oldest son may have played in that effort: "When that was offered to the son of the president, who had a pivotal role in the campaign.the president's son did not call the Federal Bureau of Investigation", adding that "the president's son-in-law also took that meeting". "But at the end of the day if the findings are as we believe they are and there's no reason to think otherwise, then really people should move on".

Attorney General William Barr's four-page summary of the report remains the only thing most Americans, including those in Congress, know about it.

He said Wednesday that Barr had "attempted to exonerate the President" from obstruction of justice allegations.

When asked by reporters at the White House earlier this month if he could consider pardoning Manafort, Trump demurred, saying, "I have not even given it a thought as of this moment".

Barr has been at work going through the document as the battle is intensifying over if and when he will release the complete report and its underlying evidence amid Democratic concerns that what has been made public so far was tilted in Trump's favor. He said he talked to Barr on Wednesday and Barr wouldn't commit to releasing it.

"We have no faith in your ability to discharge your duties in a manner consistent with your Constitutional responsibility and urge your immediate resignation as chairman of the committee", said Conaway.

Republicans pointed to Barr's synopsis, released Sunday, that said Mueller's probe didn't find that Trump's campaign "conspired or coordinated" with the Russian government to influence the 2016 presidential election.

"Your repeated public statements, which implied knowledge of classified facts supporting the collusion allegations, occurred at the same time anonymous leaks of alleged intelligence and law enforcement information were appearing in the media", Conaway read.

On CNN, figures like Chris Cuomo, Jim Acosta, Chris Cillizza and Brian Stelter threw around the term "collusion" like it was already proven as stories about the "Trump Tower meeting" and plans to build another Trump Tower in Moscow were treated like smoking guns.

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Sorry Republicans, Adam Schiff Isn’t Going Anywhere

Schiff angrily refused and said some activities of Trump and his associates amount to "collusion" and "compromise". He initially turned the hearing over to opening comments from ranking member Devin Nunes, who wasted no time in pointing out Republicans' previous efforts to address Russian Federation. Schiff has yet to provide the evidence that he has that apparently no one else - not even the special counsel - had that would prove collusion.

As he stared at Republicans, he began a refrain of "you might think it's OK" as he listed events, such as Donald Trump Jr. meeting with a Russian lawyer who claimed to have dirt on Mrs. Clinton.

Pelosi said Republicans are "just scaredy cats ... afraid of a leader" who's "calm, professional, patriotic".

They each settled into a comfortable chair late Saturday afternoon, perhaps a celebratory cocktail at their side, and watched as Mueller and Barr brought their worlds down around them with the truth.

But Barr said that the evidence outlined in Mueller's report 'is not sufficient to establish that the President committed an obstruction-of-justice offence'.

Special counsel Robert Mueller's Russian Federation investigation report is more than 300 pages long, a Justice Department official and another person familiar with the document said Thursday.

"We should not be used as a platform to spread false information and weird conspiracies", said Republican Devin Nunes, the ranking committee member.

"How was this pushed by members of the FBI, Department of Justice and the intelligence community?" Republicans have been taking a victory lap.

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