R. Kelly's 'CBS This Morning' Interview


"Everything that she's saying is true. And as a woman, I'm sure you would not either", said Clary. The parents of the women said they believed their daughters had been brainwashed, with one parent describing the situation as "a cult".

Both Clary and Savage's parents have maintained that they did not ask Kelly for any money. Both sets of parents have publicly denied ever asking or receiving money from R. Kelly.

Kelly's comments were broadcast less than a day after he was at the Daley Center for a closed-door hearing on the delinquent child support he owes his ex-wife.

The 52-year-old singer is accused in Chicago of sexually abusing four females dating back to 1998, including three underage girls. Clary also claimed that her parents tried to get her to participate in sex videos with Kelly in order to black mail him.

In a statement to CNN in August 2017, Kelly publicist Trevian Kutti denied Pace's allegations. "And they're just very upset".

Clary further alleged that her parents began to threaten her and R. Kelly that they would release naked photos of her if he doesn't send thousands of dollars to a bank account.

"If you get someone who is ranting and raving, I would never let that kind of person ever do an interview", he said.

Kelly, who is also facing felony charges that allege he sexually abused three girls and a woman in Chicago years ago, shouted and cried as he spoke with Gayle King of CBS This Morning.

Kelly's heated television interview Wednesday wasn't enough, the singer is now facing sexual abuse allegations in Detroit.

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Chief Craig tells me that the fact that a celebrity is at the center of this investigation is meaningless.

"My parents made singing like a job", Clary said.

Attorney Gerald Griggs, who represents the Savage family, provided physical copies of receipts for flights and expenses to show the family never received money from Kelly. When King asked for clarity if both of the young women were involved with Kelly, they replied that "we both have our individual relationships with him and we're all a family". The rapper went on CBS This Morning to deny the allegations where R. Kelly also reacted to Lady Gaga pulling their duet, "Do What U Want".

According to the longtime R & B star, the reason why he didn't have as much money throughout his career relates to his own wrong-doing and ignorance, notably, not having the publishing rights to his money, one of the most important rights for an artist to make money. "I immediately turned off the TV because, again, I felt like I was revisiting him yelling at me".

"I did worry at some points that he might accidentally hit me, because he was so angry that he was flailing", she said.

"If you really look at that documentary... everybody says something bad about me".

"This is all f***ing lies for money and if you can't see that then you're ignorant and you're stupid".

King, who seemed surprised that Kelly had never before gone to a bank by himself, asked Kelly about the reports of cash settlements to his accusers.

Kelly Loses It In CBS Interview, Denies Accusations
At one point during the interview, he became emotional , saying, "I didn't do this stuff! When you beat something, you beat it". In the series, multiple women shared harrowing accounts of alleged sexual abuse they suffered at the hands of the 52-year-old.