PM: Will not allow Pakistani soil to be used for terrorism


"We have seen the news report in an Indian daily, which claims that Pakistan has "rejected" the dossier given by India about the attack in Pulwama".

India is suspicious of Pakistan's statements it has clamped down on the Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM) group that claimed a suicide bombing in Kashmir last month that set off the showdown.

For the most part, Beijing tends to stay in the shadows of Kashmir-linked disputes between India and Pakistan, using its military and financial support for Islamabad to keep mutual rival New Delhi in check.

The statement also said Pakistan should explain why it continues to deny that its F-16 aircraft has been shot down when there are eye-witness accounts and electronic evidence, and if, as Pakistan claims, a second Indian aircraft was shot down, why it has not shown the fuselage or produced the pilot of that aircraft.

The moves come after the two countries recalled their diplomats for consultations as tensions flared after a February 14 suicide attack on a convoy of Indian paramilitary soldiers in Pulwama in the Indian-held portion Kashmir that killed 40 soldiers.

An influential US Congressman has warned that Pakistan will continue to slide into global isolation if it does not take actions against terrorist groups operating from its soil.

"Prime Minister (Imran) Khan can help Pakistan earn enormous goodwill by tracking down and bringing to justice Masood Azhar, whom the Pakistani Foreign Minister indicated was alive, with his whereabouts known".

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Kumar said that it was regrettable that Pakistan continues to remain in a state of denial even after JeM claim taking ownership of Pulwama attack.

"The widespread presence of terrorist camps in Pakistan is public knowledge within and outside Pakistan", he said. It also says shut a number of facilities and frozen assets of several outlawed organizations.

India said Saturday (March 9) that its army is on a "strict vigil" for new attacks from Pakistan and renewed warnings to its neighbour to take concrete action against militant groups.

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan's government began a crackdown against Islamist militant organisations. Accusing Pakistan of being a state sponsor of terrorism, the official said there is a feeling in India that Islamabad is unlikely to stop funding terror activities "unless the cost of it is too heavy for it to pay".

Meanwhile Pakistani officials maintain the crackdown is part of a long-planned drive and not a response to Indian anger.

Islamabad responded by shooting down two Indian warplanes and capturing a pilot, who was later returned to India as a peace gesture.

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