North Korea Withdraws From Joint Liaison Office With South Korea


Speaking with Fox Business Network on Tuesday, he explained that President Trump has said he would be very, very disappointed if the North resumes testing. It represents another expression of North Korean displeasure following the collapse of the Kim-Trump summit in Hanoi last...

It combined South Korean initiatives, capital and technology with North Korea's cheap labour.

While declining to say whether Washington was trying to send a post-summit message to Pyongyang, the official said Trump "has made clear that the door is wide open to continuing the dialogue with North Korea". Speaking with local media in Kansas on Tuesday, Pompeo said it's time the North Korean leader show action, considering the distrust between Washington and Pyeongyang. In the announcement, North Korea said that it "will not mind the South remaining in the office" and it will "notify further practical matters in the future". Kim Hyo-sun, Arirang News.

Saying it was his job to be "the glass half-empty guy when it comes to North Korean capabilities", Dunford said he still saw a potential but as yet undemonstrated capability "to match a nuclear weapon with an intercontinental ballistic missile, and I think its incumbent on the United States military to be prepared to defend the homeland and our allies from that eventuality".

The Trump administration issued the sanctions Thursday, the first since the second summit between President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un last month.

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When the office was opened in September 2018, it was hailed as representing a significant step forward in inter-Korean relations.

U.S. -North Korean engagement has appeared to be in limbo since the February 27-28 summit, despite U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo saying on March 4 he was hopeful he could send a team to North Korea "in the next couple of weeks". The Koreas had previously used telephone and fax-like communication channels that were often shut down in times of high tension. Kaesong is also the site of a joint industrial complex both Korean governments have expressed interest in restarting.

The foreign ministry urged the stop the sanctions, and said China doesn't want the move to affect cooperation between the two countries.

Chun said a number of North Korean officials left the liaison office carrying documents, but most of the equipment was left behind.

Following the Trump-Kim summit in Hanoi, the USA and South Korea canceled major war games that have always been a source of tensions on the Korean Peninsula in order to "support diplomatic efforts" with Pyongyang.