New Puerto Rico statehood bill faces long odds in Congress


A Washington Post poll from September 2018, a year after the storm, found that the vast majority of Puerto Ricans said they didn't think Trump had done a good job responding to the hurricane, with 80 percent of Puerto Ricans rating his job as "poor" or "fair", and only 15 percent as "good", "very good" or "excellent".

The Puerto Rico Admission Act of 2019, which was introduced by Rep. Darren Soto, D-Florida, and Puerto Rico Resident Commissioner Jenniffer González-Colón, a Republican who represents the island in the House, would grant Puerto Rico equal civil rights and full statehood within 90 days of passage.

Soto said the bill will be supported by Rep. Don Young, R-Alaska, former chairman of the House Natural Resources Committee that oversees Puerto Rico issues, as well as other House Republicans.

Puerto Rico renewable energy efforts have been increaed since the devastation caused by Hurricane Maria.

The number jumped to 97 percent in a June 2017 referendum but a boycott from statehood opponents resulted in a historically low turnout.

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The donation took place in 2016 when Soros was investing heavily in "progressive" candidates in various prosecutorial positions. The case has sparked political discord in one of America's largest cities.

"There were other topics that were being discussed and my view is that the sole focus of that trip should have been on Puerto Rico", he said.

The island's lack of representation in Congress has also come into sharp relief in the wake of Hurricane Maria, Rossello said in an interview last week.

Trump's opposition to further disaster aid for Puerto Rico hardened Tuesday during a Capitol Hill meeting. Sen.

Trump told reporters Thursday there is $91 billion going to Puerto Rico.

Trump's attacks on Puerto Rico may be encouraging his political opponents to voice support for statehood for Puerto Rico. "But in terms of reconstruction - the important part - how do we rebuild effectively for Puerto Rico?"