MPs Vote Against A No-Deal Brexit Under "Any Circumstance"


British Prime Minister Theresa May speaks after tellers announced the results of the vote Brexit deal in Parliament in London, Britain, March 12, 2019, in this screen grab taken from video.

"The prime minister has run down the clock and the clock has been run out on her", the 69-year-old leader said in the House of Commons.

Two Sussex MPs switched their vote to back Theresa May's revised Brexit deal after opposing her first withdrawal agreement - but it wasn't enough to stop a heavy defeat in the House of Commons.

"It is hard to see what more we can do", the statement said, adding that the latest vote "significantly increased" the likelihood of a no-deal Brexit. "Maybe it's time instead we had a general election and the people can choose who their government should be".

But ministers said products from the European Union including beef, pork, chicken, butter, cheese and fish would also be subject to import taxes expected to push up prices in the supermarkets from March 29 if there is no deal.

"I can't support her bad deal which doesn't deliver for jobs, living standards or safeguard employment rights and environmental protections".

Yesterday Theresa May's Brexit deal was met with resounding defeat in government with 391 votes against and 242 votes for, a majority of 149.

However in a seemingly confusing loophole in no deal plan, Northern Ireland's border would remain open at least "temporarily" and goods entering from the Republic would not face tariffs to preserve the Good Friday agreement.

Heidi Allen MP
Heidi Allen MP

"I think it is still alive, I do", Ms Truss told BBC Radio 4's PM.

Corbyn added: "She needs now to show leadership".

Talks will resume on Monday morning with the aim of securing changes to the deal before Tuesday's vote.

"He used to believe that too, why is he just trying to frustrate it?"

Mr Cameron, who stepped down from his post after the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union and became known as the "man who lost Europe", revealed in a throwback interview how he nearly did not even take on the leadership of the Conservative Party.

Members of the European Research Group of Conservative MPs have tabled an amendment that would see the United Kingdom leave without a formal agreement, with the backstop being replaced by alternative arrangements and a series of "standstill" economic arrangements until the end of 2021 to minimise disruption.

Mr Loughton tweeted: "This evening I have held my nose and voted for the Government's deal with the Attorney General's extra assurances with no enthusiasm but with a greater fear of the damage that prolonged uncertainty and chaos could cause but I fear with little chance of it going through".

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