McConnell Acknowledges Resolution Blocking Emergency Order Will Pass Senate


In Monday's interview, Toomey said he supports the president's request for $5.7 billion in additional money for border construction.

"I would literally lose my political soul if I chose to treat President Trump different than President Obama", he wrote in an op-ed published on March 3.

Senate Democrats may have the bipartisan support needed to pass a resolution canceling President Donald Trump's declaration of national emergency, as Sen. One-hundred percent. One-hundred percent, and I don't think it survives a veto. I stand with the president often, and I do so with a loud voice. Dealing with Congress can be pretty hard sometimes.

Trump had said in February that he will veto the resolution "100%".

"I can't vote to give extra-Constitutional powers to the president", Paul told Republican supporters and lawmakers at a dinner at Western Kentucky University on Saturday, The Bowling Green Daily News reports.

The President and his administration have argued that there's a "crisis" on the southern border, claiming there's an "invasion" of drugs and undocumented immigrants. Instead, he said the two issues are legal ones.

Trump's demand for $US5.7 billion in funding for his "great, great wall" triggered the longest-ever partial U.S. government shutdown in December and January.

"Some are attempting to say that there isn't a good analogy between President Obama's orders or the Youngstown case".

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Tillis, in an op-ed for the Washington Post last week, echoed Paul's criticism of the order: "As a USA senator, I can not justify providing the executive with more ways to bypass Congress". In the letter sent to Congress, Trump cited threats to Ukraine's democracy, sovereignty and territorial integrity and "actions and policies of the Government of the Russian Federation, including its purported annexation of Crimea and its use of force in Ukraine" as continuing to present "an unusual and extraordinary threat" to United States national security and foreign policy.

He made several arguments for his decision, stating no president has "used emergency powers to spend money denied by Congress, and [the statute] was clearly not meant to do that".

Paul said he thinks Supreme Court Justices Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh will vote against Trump.

A Customs and Border Protection in the desert in Hidalgo County, Texas, on May 26, 2017.

Trump, who has promised to issue his first veto if the Senate approves the resolution, declared an emergency last month in a bid to fund a wall along the US-Mexico border without congressional approval. "Moreover, the broad principle of separation of powers in the Constitution delegates the power of the purse to Congress".

He added, "Instead, it would treat Congress's silence as acquiescence to presidential initiative, especially in times of emergency". Lamar Alexander of Tennessee, Mitt Romney of Utah, Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania and Roger Wicker of MS have been outspoken against the national emergency declaration, but have withheld their decisions on whether they'll vote to block it.

While some Republicans support the action, others have rejected it.

By doing this, Congress is implicitly arguing that the situation in Burundi, Myanmar, Venezuela, Nicaragua or Ukraine represents a threat to the United States worthy of a national emergency - but the security of the U.S. border with Mexico does not. "Everybody knows we need border security". We've apprehended more people than we have in many, many years.