Malta ranks 22nd happiest country in World Happiness Report


Indians are not as happy in 2019 as they were in 2018 and the country figures at 140th place, seven spots down from last year, on this year's UN World Happiness Report released on Wednesday which is topped by Finland for the second year in a row.

Each country's happiness score was computed based on multiple variables, including per capita gross domestic product, social support, life expectancy and freedom from corruption.

It's not just them though - overall world happiness has fallen over the past couple of years.

In order, the countries that ranked top 10 are: Finland, Denmark, Norway, Iceland, Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden, New Zealand, Canada and Austria.

Countries ranked according to the UN World Happiness Report 2019.

The United States dropped from the 18th to 19th place despite enjoying a booming economy in the past few years, while China ranked 93rd.

"The world is a rapidly changing place", Professor John Helliwell, co-editor of the report, said in the press release. "Addictions come in many forms, from substance abuse to gambling to digital media".

Malta ranks 22nd happiest country in World Happiness Report
Malta ranks 22nd happiest country in World Happiness Report

Special chapters focus on generosity and pro-social behaviour, the effects of happiness on voting behaviour, big data, and the happiness effects of Internet use and addictions. Who made it to the top three then? Japan came in 58th place (down from 54th), Russian Federation came in 68th place (down from 59th) and China came in 93rd place (down from 86th).

The prime minister of tiny Bhutan is credited with launching World Happiness Day. Finns often describe themselves as shy or introverted and many are bemused at their position as the world's happiest nation.

"The U.S. has had, by now, two startling wake-up calls: back to back years of falling life expectancy and declining measured subjective well-being", wrote Jeffrey Sachs, economist and co-author of the report. According to the United Nations, it can be!

South Sudan is the least happy country, followed by Central African Republic and Afghanistan.

This report is the seventh to come out since 2012.

The country was named as the 21st biggest faller, with the average respondent around 0.49 points unhappier on a 10-point scale.

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