Juan Guaido Gets Rock Star Greeting As Rival Factions Rally in Venezuela


Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido took his campaign for change to one of the country's most populous states on Saturday, while supporters of the man he is trying to oust, President Nicolas Maduro, held a rival demonstration in the capital after another nationwide blackout. "So it's a ludicrous effort on the part of the regime to keep Mr. Guaido quiet". "This is a crucial step forward in expanding humanitarian services in Venezuela, with a specific focus on health, saving more lives, and alleviating the suffering of vulnerable people who are facing a dire situation".

The involvement of the IFRC could signal that Maduro's socialist government, which has been subjected to crippling U.S. sanctions, may allow in much-needed food and medicine.

He did not mention the Red Cross, which earlier said it would not be involved in distributing the medication from China.

The IFRC "can count on the legal and technical conditions to work in the country, to gain access to humanitarian aid that is so needed", the group's President Francesco Rocca told a press conference.

Guaido in February tried to deliver aid to Venezuelans, staging the deliveries in Colombia and Brazil. Security forces refused the supplies and clashed with protesters at the borders.

However, Guaido gave no details about the shipment nor whether he has reached an agreement with President Nicolas Maduro.

The White House will consider such activity as "a direct threat to the global peace and security in the region", Bolton said.

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Trump's national security adviser John Bolton issued a second warning on Friday in a strongly worded formal statement.

The Kremlin, insisted, however, that they posed no threat to regional stability. "We call on the Venezuelan military to uphold its constitutional duty to protect the citizens of Venezuela".

If Vladimir Putin decides to establish or expand any kind of operations there, the United States would consider the move to be a "direct threat" to global peace, Reuters reported. "We will consider such provocative actions as a direct threat to worldwide peace and security in the region".

On Wednesday, Trump told a reporter several times, "All options are open", in response to a question about whether the United States is willing to put "boots on the ground" to remove the Russians.

Two Russian air force planes landed outside Caracas last Saturday and were believed to be carrying Russian military personnel and equipment.

But Zakharova, in her statement Saturday, said Russian Federation had made it clear it was not sending a military contingent to Venezuela.

Government supporters also marched in Caracas on Saturday to protest against "imperialism" by the USA government, which Maduro accuses of causing the blackouts by attacking generation and transmission systems.