Jordan Peele has no interest in casting 'white dudes' as leads


"I want to be a producer and bring my artistry and they'll all be sorry". These producers are making these decisions about art and comedy and they don't know anything about art and comedy.

Peele decided he first had to "be great" and gave himself "seven to eight" years to get there. "You're good, I'm good, and I can just return to this idea of, like, make my favorite film that didn't exist".

Peele made Us for US$20 million.

True enough. If you've seen the movie or are even vaguely intrigued by it, check out JOE's review on The Big Reviewski below about 35 minutes in.

"The way I look at it", he said Monday at the improv venue, "I get to cast black people in my movies". Considering it starts as - and is marketed as being - little more than a home-invasion thriller, Peele's film grows beyond its horror tropes, and with each new question he answers, the director raises about five new ones in the process.

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"Very important for me was to have a black family at the center of a horror film". "The summer before the movie takes place, the boy [Jason] and his "tethered' [Pluto] also switched places", the theory from Reddit user "hoopsterben" goes before getting to the proof". It is instead about something that I feel has become an undeniable truth. "That's what I like to do with my stories". That's what I like to do with my stories.

"The fear of the doppelgänger is really the fear of self - the fear of that which we suppress as individuals".

The one-two-three punch of Black Panther, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse and Aquaman changed the complexion of comic book movies in 2018.

Peele also spoke about his next project, a reboot of The Twilight Zone for CBS, revealing his favourite episode of all time is The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street, in which citizens of a small town fear aliens have landed.

Us is playing in theaters now.