Fans Hate Captain Marvel: Rotten Tomatoes Audience Score MCU Low


With sturdy performances, supercharged special effects and souped-up wisecracks, "Captain Marvel" soars higher, further and faster than both the standard superhero origin story and the ridiculously lofty expectations on it. There are numerous mentions of the derogatory phrase "SJW" (social justice warrior), accusations of "feminist propaganda", and complaints that actress Brie Larson should smile more (a "controversy" that started with the release of the film's poster, and which Yahoo Entertainment discussed with Larson in the interview below).

"Very little to get excited about here as the villain is the best character in the movie".

She says: "Where's Fury?" and the scene cuts to black, perfectly teasing Avengers: Endgame.

The following post contains SPOILERS for Avengers: Infinity War and Captain Marvel. Captain America says, "This is a nightmare", and Black Widow replies, "I've had better nightmares".

Listen. Press circuits for big-budget superhero movies are gruelling trips around the world in which actors are asked the same 10 or so questions literally hundreds, and they're expected to breeze through it all as if it's not incredibly exhausting. And it's usually about a man. And for those looking to see even more of Reggie's oeuvre, the feline has also appeared in and The Hateful Eight and Pup Star. She won't be defined by any guy. But now with superhuman abilities and superhero powers, she is damn near unstoppable.

It's a bond that feels fresh in a film genre that hasn't always passed the Bechdel test (which measures whether two female characters in a movie have a conversation about something other than a man). We only see the Kree Supreme Intelligence when Carol is interacting with her. "Why don't we see that in cinema?" Sometimes. if he doesn't hit his mark the first time. he goes back to "one" on his own to try it again.

In addition to her friendships with Maria and Samuel L Jackson's S.H.I.E.L.D.

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Now, there might be some confusion about this scene, since Nick's absence makes it actually look like the scene might be set post-Infinity War at first glance.

That's all we have for the time being.

"It was just practical; it wasn't by design", co-director Ryan Fleck agrees. In a corner, Captain Marvel's beeper (which she left with Nick Fury at the end of her movie) is beeping, until suddenly it's not. She would eventually take on the identity of Ms. Marvel before becoming Captain Marvel. As a full bird colonel in the Air Force, Carol outranks Captain America in the comics, and she frequently enjoys reminding him of this fact.

Or perhaps there's a woman out there for Carol. Enter Wonder Woman in 2017, a triumph by every measure for DC and Warner Bros., and the conversation shifted. Once those films are out, I think is when we'll announce what's coming next.

Could there be a same-sex couple in the MCU?

I mean, the outfit reminds me of a pencil pouch I had in third grade, but Brie Larson is working it. Though there are tons of theories about how the Avengers will beat Thanos including time travel, suicide missions, and throwing Squirrel Girl at him over and over until he finally taps out from sheer aggravation. Since Captain Marvel is immune to poison, Liquid Courage will grant her bonus Attack without needing to withstand Poison damage.

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