Donald Trump: Phony Investigation Started 'Very High Up' in the Obama Administration


New bollard-style U.S. -Mexico border fencing is seen in Santa Teresa, New Mexico, U.S., March 5, 2019.

The Democratic-led House on Tuesday fell short of overriding President Donald Trump's veto of a disapproval resolution that would block his national emergency declaration at the southern border.

Fourteen Republicans, a mix of conservatives plus moderates from swing districts, joined all voting Democrats in favor of the override.

The final vote was 248 yeas to 181 nays.

A Justice Department official detailed to Mueller's team, meanwhile, has now been detailed back to the DOJ to help sort through the report in order to determine what is permissible to release publicly and what is not. His plan is to shift an additional $3.6 billion from military construction projects to work on border barriers.

The House approved the resolution blocking Trump's emergency by 245-182 in February.

The vote came as Trump was across the Capitol, having lunch with Senate Republicans. "Today's vote simply reaffirms Congressional Democrats are the party of Open Borders, Drugs and Crime!"

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Congress passed legislation voiding the emergency earlier this month, but Trump vetoed it nearly immediately.

Opponents of Trump's emergency warned that besides usurping Congress's role in making spending decisions, he was inviting future Democratic presidents to circumvent politicians by declaring emergencies to finance their own favoured initiatives.

Later on Tuesday, Papadopoulos said his attorneys requested a pardon from President Trump and if granted, he would be "honored to accept it". "The president is using the authority Congress has given him", said Republican Representative Sam Graves. Attorney General William Barr said the report concluded that Trump had not conspired with Russian Federation to win the 2016 presidential election. Moscow has denied meddling.

A former Trump campaign aide central to the early days of the FBI's Russia investigation said the FBI wanted him to wear a wire to record conversations with a professor who had told him the Russians had dirt on Hillary Clinton.

After the vote, Pelosi and Castro said in a statement that Congress would keep working through the appropriations process to "terminate this unsafe action" by the president.

The US department of defense has announced, at the same meantime, it has transferred $1 billion for constructing 57 miles of the president's wall drawing instant criticism from Democrats. He urged his colleagues to override the veto, arguing that there's a "humanitarian crisis" at the border but "no invasion" that would justify Trump's move.