Democratic committee chairmen shift focus to Barr as House investigations forge ahead


There have been no conversations about President Donald Trump issuing pardons for any of his associates who have been charged or pleaded guilty as part of the U.S. Special Counsel Robert Mueller's Russian Federation investigation, the White House said on Monday. Next, it's time to prosecute the many violations of law that have been overlooked in our two-tiered justice system, provide basic constitutional law training to the self-important bureaucrats who claim to be defending the Constitution by subverting it, and take extreme measures against anyone found to have misled a court to spy on the Trump campaign. But the summary, like so many things in the Trump era, seemed like another Rorschach test for a divided country: Where Trump's allies celebrated "no collusion", Democrats saw a mantra of their own: No exoneration.

Barr concludes he wants to release as much information from the report as possible, but there are some disclosure concerns involving evidence in grand jury investigations that need to be dealt with. "And it began illegally", Trump said on March 24. With Mueller's investigation completed, numerous questions that went unanswered for more than two years may now be resolved. The fact that Mueller opted not to make a specific recommendation on obstruction of justice may have convinced Barr to weigh in, but he could have just left it at Mueller opting not to accuse Trump of a crime.

Echoing remarks from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the Senate's top Democrat, Sen. The full Mueller report must be made public to hardworking Americans who deserve to know all of the facts.

The chairmen reiterated the long-held Democratic conviction that Barr must make Mueller's work public, including the entirety of his final report and the underlying evidence that informed his conclusions and decision-making. "He's just not worth it", she told The Washington Post earlier this month. "The attorney general and the deputy attorney general went through and based their decision on Mueller's investigation".

Trump told reporters at the White House last week that he wouldn't mind if the public sees Mueller's report.

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But Democrats, led by House Judiciary Chair Jerry Nadler (D-NY) aren't convinced and want Attorney General Barr to testify before Congress. This isn't to dispute that Mueller made this call, but for a letter eager to take direct quotes when it can, the reticence to let everyone gauge Mueller's own language is curious.

The Mueller Report landed on Friday and if you're like most smart and savvy people, your response to the breaking news was, "get this off my television, bring back basketball".

The full report would answer some of these questions, Lemon said.

And Stephen Lynch, the MA congressman, suggested investigations of Trump could continue well beyond Mueller's purview. "But because his lawyers thought he would lie, he didn't go in for an interview", said Schmidt.

The Hill reached out to Graham for clarification about his tweet and his office referred the website to a letter from Graham to the attorney general about investigating a FISA surveillance warrant against Carter Page, a former campaign adviser to then-candidate Trump.