Captain Marvel: The first reviews for Brie Larson's blockbuster are seriously divided


With a soundtrack packed full of vintage '90s earworms and a delightfully unselfconscious sense of humor, Captain Marvel pulls off a satisfying introduction to the hero who may be our Avengers: Endgame trump card.

Unlike many a Marvel superhero movie, though, "Captain Marvel" doesn't feel overstuffed, clocking in under two hours if you don't count the credits, with the requisite pair of mid-credits extra scenes.

Part of the challenge that the movie faces involves the dense backstory of Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel (Brie Larson), who finds herself in the middle of an intergalactic war between two alien races, the Kree and the Skrulls, when the action begins.

One of Marvel's finest is being recruited by another high-profile organization. You can nearly feel all of them wanting to make such a movie during some passages of Captain Marvel.

At long last, 11 years after the inception of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Captain Marvel is here.

She's followed to Earth by the Krees' arch enemies, the Skrulls, who staged the rescue mission in order to capture Vers and probe her brain for memories that might help them locate a power crucial to their survival.

Captain Marvel: The first reviews for Brie Larson's blockbuster are seriously divided
Captain Marvel: The first reviews for Brie Larson's blockbuster are seriously divided

It's a film created to make you think you've got everything figured out, but it hits you with a plot twist you won't see coming. In the Captain Marvel comic books, what made Carol appealing is that she was the author of her own destiny. And the movie desperately wants to be a feminist rallying cry, but does little to earn that role outside of having a female main character and playing No Doubt's "I'm Just A Girl" during one of the fight scenes. Marvel's done some interesting things with Carol in the Captain Marvel role, and this is a great opportunity for people to get caught up on her and her history. She is saved, hauled off to space and given special powers by an elite Kree military force, under the leadership of Yon-Rogg (Jude Law). Everything she's been told is wrong! Instead of the linear hero arc, Carol has a bit of amnesia which turns the entire journey into more of a mystery than any of the previous films. As Vers attempts to track down these alien intruders, she experiences flashbacks to her own life on Earth. For all their screaming and furious typing, the unfounded hatred will not stop excited Marvel fans from seeing the film.

Entertainmeny Weekly's Dareen Franich said the movie was basically a big, messy adventure - but still a fun one. Agent Coulson. Lashana Lynch is Carol's former fellow pilot Maria Rambeau.

"There should be as much diversity in female superheroes as there is in our male superheroes".

If Captain Marvel is lacking in any area, it would be the music and even this comes with a strong caveat. In an interview with Extra TV, Jackson said that he has been following her career. This leads to a couple of moments of, "Wait, what just happened?" or, "Why would they believe her?" that could have been avoided with a more carefully paced script, or, in a ideal world, a more thoroughly constructed preamble in another movie altogether. "Such as it is, the film's best moments are provided by Jackson and a hilarious cat". The casting would be the first time a gay superhero would appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Still, no matter how lightweight the joke, you should never, ever leave the cinema early, because you can never quite tell when you're going to get a huge cameo or a look at what direction Marvel is going in next. Larson and Jackson have great buddy chemistry on screen, and Carol and Fury's friendship is entertaining to watch develop. According to Deadline, it's described as being "provocative", and the story of Brie Larson's lead character will be shaded by her various relationships with those closest to her.

Believe it or not, Marvel had all the intentions to feature Captain Marvel in Avengers: Age of Ultron but the studio chose to dismiss the thought for some logical reasons.

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