Captain Marvel, Marvel's first female-fronted superhero movie, conquers weekend box office


We're still in opening weekend for Captain Marvel, but the film is already soaring past its predicted box office projections higher, further, faster than anyone could have expected. Here's how much Captain Marvel made at the box office in India over the first weekend. But it's rarer for the star of a film to appear in a random theater on the other side of the country.

Talking about its collection, Captain Marvel not only received a massive response from Indian audiences but also got one of the biggest openings on day 1. Yet the pre-release of Captain Marvel has been rife with controversy, with "fake reviews" on both sides plaguing the film's critical integrity. So far Captain Marvel is pulling in more money internationally than any superhero movie introducing a new character touching down in nearly every major market worldwide, except for Japan.

Despite the haters and naysayers, Captain Marvel premiered with soaring results! Perhaps the wisest course of action is to see the film and judge its merits for yourself. And the amount sees Captain Marvel secure its spot as the seventh biggest Marvel debut of all time.

Captain Marvel is now in cinemas.

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Captain Marvel marks the big screen debut of Carol Danvers, played in the Marvel Cinematic Universe by Academy Award victor Brie Larson. Coming to the first weekend, Captain Marvel was off to a great start.

The only movie with a female lead that's opened better globally was Star Wars: The Force Awakens which grossed $529 million when it debuted in 2015.

Brie Larson serves popcorn to fans at a Captain Marvel screening.

A+ superhero series Captain Marvel just took out another major accolade by becoming the top-grossing movie scored by a woman and Carol Danvers herself would be proud as punch RN. Rotten Tomatoes is now at an 80% critics score, with 57% of the audience stating they liked it.