Apple's streaming service: everything we know so far


In exchange for billions of dollars, studios helped Netflix launch a fledgling streaming video service by licensing their libraries of shows and movies, but that decision may have sown the seeds of their own demise.

The tech giant recently sent out invitations for the March 25 keynote with the suggestive title "It's show time", which further fueled rumors that the now unnamed streaming service will launch next Monday.

How can I stream the Apple event?

However, with budgets reportedly exceeding $1 billion, Apple's latest foray into the world of content creation appears to be more ambitious than ever before. Netflix now competes with Amazon's Prime Video and Disney's Hotstar in the Indian video streaming segment.

It's not a secret anymore that Apple will be holding an event tomorrow 25 March. The Wall Street Journal has already agreed to the subscription offering, based on the New York Times report.

Apple is expected to roll out a streaming-video product at a press event on Monday - one that could come with a lineup of original programming from the likes of Oprah, Reese Witherspoon and Steven Spielberg.

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Another company that will launch a streaming service this year is WarnerMedia. For example, if Showtime is available as part of Apple's Premium TV Bundle, will users still be able to purchase Showtime separately, and if so, is Apple going to promote this as an option - such as on a new "TV Storefront" or simply leave it as something that users can discover for themselves. But he used the tale of how Netflix made huge inroads into Hollywood to explain why the Times has avoided striking deals with digital platforms in which it had little control over relationships with customers or its content.

4K streaming often goes hand in hand with a tiered subscription model; after all, if you don't have a 4K TV, you shouldn't have to pay for 4K content.

According to Bloomberg, Apple might be getting ready to announce a gaming subscription service for iOS devices. While the company has been investing in creating original content such as Ghoul, Little Things, Love Per Square Foot, Sacred Games and Selection Day for Indian consumers, it needs to do more and bring more Bollywood as well as regional content to its library. However, there is news circulating that the Apple Stores and Apple Service Centers can solve the issue without the involvement of any party. For tomorrow even we're expecting some sort of TV service and a news subscription service.

It could be that the company will work with other companies, instead of competing against them.

Apple could discuss the service as soon as Monday, or it may choose to detail the offering at its conference for developers later this year.

Martin said in a research note Apple can count on 900 million people with at least one Apple device to feed this ecosystem of services which includes Apple Pay, music and other digital content.