Apple Stock Fades, Roku Advances As Wall Street Digests Cupertino News


Apple TV+ positions the company as a challenger to Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, which also produce original content and lead the USA market for paid video streaming services.

At its "It's Show Time" event that just kicked off, Apple revealed its new Apple News+ service, which adds a new feature to the Apple News app, and that is magazines.

The new Apple TV app will include streaming services, cable and satellite providers, and Apple TV channels all in one place. Apple Arcade will also let users play all of the games without an internet connection.

The content is presented in a "beautiful, convenient, and curated experience" within the Apple News app. A sizzle reel of flashy games appeared at today's Apple event, and it largely focused on indie games that haven't yet launched on either traditional or mobile platforms yet.

Meanwhile, the all-new Apple TV app and Apple TV channels will be released in May 2019. There are several things the rumor mill has predicted for this even, but it all boils down to Apple's upcoming video-streaming service. During the reveal, Apple said that the Apple Arcade service will be the world's first game subscription model and will be available on multiple platforms.

At Apple's March event today, the company confirmed the existence of its gaming subscription service.

Apple Stock Fades, Roku Advances As Wall Street Digests Cupertino News
Apple Stock Fades, Roku Advances As Wall Street Digests Cupertino News

That's all we know so far about what studios will be supported on Apple Arcade.

The crowning jewel of the program, however, was when Oprah Winfrey walked on stage to announce her new Apple TV+ venture, which includes two documentaries (one a series about mental health, one about labor abuse) and a brand-new book club partnership with Apple.

Apple insisted they wouldn't allow advertisers to track users and would make their product available to an entire family for no extra charge other than the $9.99 a month subscription fee. However, Netflix shows and films do not form part of Apple TV. The News+ app will bring new issues from over 300 renowned print magazines, as well as digital subscription services, and newspapers like the Los Angeles Times and the Wall Street Journal.

After saying that Apple prided itself on their "easy to use" features providing attention to detail and created to "keep personal information private and secure", they then announced the "best magazine reading experience ever for a mobile device".

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Apple launches its own credit card
A new Apple Card credit card will be integrated into Apple Pay on the iPhone, extending the company's reach into digital payments. Going forward for users with up-to-date devices, the News widget will open into the Apple News app rather than loading web pages.