Trump Supporter Attacks BBC Cameraman at Texas Rally


O'Donoghue said his colleague was "fine" despite the "incredibly violent attack".

Mr Trump saw the attack and confirmed Mr Skeans was well with a thumbs up after it happened. After the incident, President Donald Trump halted his speech to confirm that the members of the media were okay and that the situation was handled.

Skeans' colleagues say the apparent attack came after repeated verbal assaults on the media during the event.

Footage from Skeans' camera, tweeted by O'Donoghue, suggested he and his equipment were knocked off balance for around 10 seconds, as he was filming Trump's speech. After falling, Skeans appears to pick his camera up off the floor before turning it on his attacker, who is seen shouting "f-ck the media" as he is led away.

A spokeswoman for BBC said that Skeans was "violently pushed and shoved". It later refocuses and shows an individual sporting a MAGA hat being detained, before yelling out, "F**k the media".

And the crowd, who rages against any perceived violence or harassment of someone on "their side", shouts "let him go!" at the thug who attacked an innocent cameraman.

Asked on Tuesday by Sky News whether it was acceptable for Trump to whip up his fans to the point that a cameraman was attacked, Hunt said: "It is never acceptable when journalists and cameramen are attacked just for doing their job".

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"I didn't know what was going on", he recalled.

Ron Skeans with the BBC said the man pushed him hard from his blindside Monday, twice almost knocking him and his camera over.

BBC producer Eleanor Montague described the crowd as having been "whipped into a frenzy" by Trump and other speakers, with the president slamming the media as "dishonest" and leading a chant of "CNN sucks!"

Former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci condemned Trump's supporters at the Florida rally on Twitter, saying the behaviour was "not who we are". According to the magazine, the El Paso police department is was "still gathering" information regarding the incident.

Trump has made hostility toward the media a feature of many of his rallies, where a metal barricade often separates his supporters from reporters.

Video footage captured by Skeans shows the camera frame focus on Trump before suddenly pointing down toward a crowd.