Trump expecting Patriots to capture 6th Super Bowl trophy


The biggest victor of Super Bowl LIII might be Atlanta hotel owners.

Atlanta's hotel rates in early February generally average $90 per night, but the average rate this weekend is expected to be about $271.

Atlanta, Georgia will play host to the Super Bowl for 2019.

-Cowboys 30, Bills 13 in Super Bowl 38; a rematch of Dallas' crushing of the Bills the previous year.

TMZ's sources said some players took steps to upgrade home security systems and hired extra staff, including private armed security and retired police officers.

As the saying goes, nothing in this world is certain, except death, taxes, and Tom Brady playing in the Super Bowl.

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The Super Bowl Today pregame show airs until kickoff.

There is one important thing you can't forget though when preparing your Super Bowl viewing party: what channel the game will be airing on this year.

Brady has a whopping five championship rings and eight total Super Bowl appearances - the most out of any player in history. "When you put on the uniform, you carry the heartbeat of a city, a team, a dream, that will live forever".

Super Bowl LIII is airing on CBS this year, marking the 20th time the eye network has aired the big game.

According to Fox Business, the National Football League covers the cost of about 150 rings for the winning team, and the yearly total of each set of rings is approximately $5 million.

Running back Todd Gurley II says that "situational masters" means that in addition to talent, it's important for a player to understand that "you can beat somebody just by knowing the situations of the game".