Tesla rolls out ‘sentry mode’ safety feature


Keep in mind that Dog Mode should not be confused with Tesla's Cabin Overheat Prevention feature, which when active, prevents the cabin temperature from going beyond 40 degrees Celsius for up to 12 hours after you exit your vehicle.

As electric cars are quiet most of the time, a message on the screen will let other pedestrians know that the owner's pets are fine.

Tesla has some good news for responsible dog owners.

Today Tesla owners can comfortably leave their pet inside their auto while they park for short time.

To enable Dog Mode, tap the fan icon at the bottom of the touchscreen when your vehicle is parked.

A parked auto without the windows down can rise more than 20 degrees Fahrenheit, in just ten minutes and in an hour the temperature inside your vehicle can be more than 40 degrees Fahrenheit higher than the outside temperature.

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New features like Dog Mode and Sentry Mode highlight the flexibility and foresight that Tesla put into its vehicles.

Tesla has also rolled out a new security feature called "sentry mode".

Tesla has launched its new Sentry Mode feature, which uses the vehicle's external cameras to monitor its surroundings.

If a minimal threat is discovered, like someone leaning on the auto, it switches to an "alert mode".

From the owner side, an alert pushes to the smartphone app informing of an incident whenever the auto goes into "Alarm" state, with the ability to download a video of the recorded incident. The company has revealed that upgraded Tesla vehicles will feature a setting called "Dog Mode", which keeps your pooch safe and comfortable while left alone in the auto.

A minimal threat will be detected if anyone leans on the auto, triggering a message on the touchscreen and warning that its cameras are recording.