Pedophilia allegations, Nestlé, Dr. Oetker and Disney stop advertising on Youtube


Nestle, the owner of brands like Kit-Kat and Nespresso, chose to "pause" its advertising on YouTube after some of its ads were shown on videos "where inappropriate comments were being made", a company spokesperson said. YouTube now says that it is making changes to its algorithm to stop this practice. She said numerous kids she treats in the ER list videos on YouTube as a method used to learn destructive behaviors and self-harm techniques.

The move comes after advertisers pulled their ads from anti-vaccination videos. We took immediate action by deleting accounts and channels, reporting illegal activity to authorities and disabling comments on tens of millions of videos that include minors. While YouTube repeatedly claims that objectionable material like conspiracy videos represent well under 1% of its overall content, that would still represent millions of videos.

YouTube derives most of its revenue from advertising, and it has been one of Google's fastest-growing units as consumers spend an increasing amount of time watching videos online.

YouTube will no longer allow anti-vaccination videos to run ads, reports BuzzFeed News.

YouTube told us that restricting ads for anti-vaccination videos is not a new policy for the company.

Epic pulls Fortnite ads from YouTube following child exploitation controversy
Disney and Nestlé are among those who have reportedly yanked spending after a YouTube video surfaced the ongoing problem. For those that may not know what "pre-roll" means, it's an ad that pops up before a video begins to play.

Social media companies, including Facebook and YouTube, have recently been facing pressure to get better at this, following inquiries from media and calls from lawmakers. In a separate controversy, marketers including AT&T, Disney, Hasbro and Epic Games this past week suspended all ad spending on YouTube after a secret ring of child predators was discovered to be posting coded sexual comments on videos of young girls. "There's more to be done, and we continue to work to improve and catch abuse more quickly".

Some leading firms stopped shopping for commercials on YouTube after their advertisements appeared on movies the place pedophiles littered the remark sections, The New York Times reported Wednesday.

YouTube representatives said they have taken steps over the last 48 hours. "We also need to fight to have the developers of social media platforms held responsible when they do not assure that age restriction are followed and when they do not remove inappropriate and/or unsafe material when reported".

Seven different advertisers said they were not aware their ads were being served alongside anti-vaccination content that was found on channels such as VAXXED TV, LarryCook333, and iHealthTube, all of which have since been demonized by YouTube. According to Wired, they're surfacing on YouTube's recommendation system.

Google has made major changes to YouTube in the past in response to advertiser concerns.