NY woman trapped in elevator for three days


The unidentified woman was transported to a local hospital.

An employee of a United States billionaire's family spent the weekend stuck in the lift of the family's NY townhouse before she was rescued yesterday.

Police say a 53-year-old woman was trapped for three days in the elevator of the Manhattan townhouse owned by billionaire investment banker Warren Stephens. She entered the elevator on Friday evening and got stuck.

Private elevators in homes are supposed to have at least one annual inspection, the statement said.

When firefighters arrived and forced open the door, they found a woman inside. A building inspector posted a code violation outside the property after he was unable to get into the house to inspect the elevator.

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Billionaire Warren Stephens is the president of that LLC and is listed at the address in public records.

It was not clear if she had a phone with her at the time.

The Stephens family, who had been away for the weekend, issued a statementcalling her a "valued member of the extended family for 18 years". "A Stephens family member accompanied her to the hospital this morning and remains at her side". The background of this "unfortunate incident" would now be examined to ensure that something like this happens again.

Why no one noticed the Defect of the Elevator and the alarm button didn't work, will now be examined.