Maduro's anti-Venezuela Aid Live concert gets little support


Nicolas Maduro's forces in Venezuela armed with tanks and live fire attacked an indigenous tribe armed only with bows and arrows in Venezuela when they tried to stop a convoy of humanitarian aid from Brazil.

China, which along with Russian Federation backs Maduro, warned that humanitarian aid should not be forced across the border because doing so could lead to violence.

The aid consists of food kits "containing rice, beans, sugar, and salt to feed almost 3,500 people for 10 days and additional rice to feed an estimated 6,100 people for one month", a fact sheet from the State Department says.

A rival concert held by the ruling Socialist Party on the Venezuelan side was sparsely attended.

"The U.S. and its partners began pre-positioning additional humanitarian aid for Venezuelans in Boa Vista, Brazil in proximity to the Brazil-#Venezuela border", a tweet from the U.S. Department of State said.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro calls it part of an attempted "coup" to topple his government.

As Venezuela's political turmoil drags on, allies of Juan Guaido, who is being recognized by more than 50 nations as the country's rightful president, are hoping the massive concert and push for aid mark a turning point from which a transitional government can be consolidated.

Ms Zakharova said: "It seems that in Washington there is nothing to mark the fifth anniversary of the coup d'etat in Ukraine, so they chose to hold a new coup d'etat".

Venezuela closed its border with Colombia yesterday after Guaido crossed it in defiance of a travel ban.

The bloodshed contrasted with a joyful mood at Branson's "Venezuela Aid Live", where Venezuelan and Colombian attendees, some crying, waved flags and chanted "freedom" under a baking sun.

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As the musical propaganda war played out, Maduro sent Venezuelan missiles and increased military presence at the border.

Friday's concert won't be the first time artists have turned to music amid simmering tensions at the restive Colombia-Venezuela border.

Venezuelan troops on Saturday morning had blocked the Brazilian border despite protests by villagers in the nearby town of Santa Elena de Uairen who burned a bus, a truck and a National Guard office overnight.

The 35-year-old leader of Venezuela's National Assembly declared himself interim president last month and is calling for fresh polls, branding Maduro a "usurper" and accusing him of rigging his re-election last May.

Both stages were on the opposite sides of the Táchira River, which divides the border between Venezuela and Colombia and runs under the Tienditas bridge, a set of two vehicular bridges with three lanes and a parallel 919-foot-long pedestrian bridge.

The concert also aims to pressure the Venezuelan government into accepting shipments of humanitarian aid donated by the U.S. The aid now sits in a warehouse on the Colombian border after the government of Venezuela refused its entry into the country.

"The United States strongly condemns the Venezuelan military's use of force against unarmed civilians and innocent volunteers on Venezuela's border with Brazil", the White House said in a statement, adding: "The world is watching".

The country now faces widespread food and medicine shortages and hyperinflation of over one million percent which makes even the most basic goods unattainable.

"You must decide which side you are on in this definitive hour".

"The majority of the people support the entrance of humanitarian aid, and we want to keep our border open", Silva said.