How Trevor Noah pranked the Oscars in Xhosa


An *actual* translation of what Noah said in Xhosa turns out to be, "white people don't know I'm lying"!

Scripted bits from presenters at the Academy Awards can win the audience over or lose them, but it's not often that the presenter gets the last laugh-and that's exactly what Trevor Noah did at the Oscars Sunday night. "Only #xhosa speaking South Africans will know... well played!"

Noah proceeded to speak in Xhosa, a language spoken by more than eight million people, and translated the phrase into English as "in times like these, we are stronger when we fight together, than when we try to fight apart".

The phony translation came just moments after Noah made a dig at Mel Gibson and all the people who keep saying Black Panther's signature phrase to him.

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Noah was born to a black mother of isiXhosa descent and a white Swiss-German father in 1984, at the height of racial segregation in South Africa.

During his segment, the 35-year-old joked that he grew up in Wakanda.

The Daily Show host was introducing Black Panther as a Best Picture nominee when he used a so-called "great" Xhosa phrase while referencing the film's fictional setting of Wakanda.

"Even backstage, Mel Gibson came up to me like 'Wakanda forever.' He said another word after that, but the Wakanda part was nice", Noah said to shocked laughter.