How to merge Fortnite accounts with Epic Games


Players must have used an Xbox or Switch account and a PlayStation account before September 28th 2018 for this tool to work.

In September, "Fortnite" creator Epic Games promised that the account merge tool would be able to rectify the issue with PlayStation 4 profiles and allow players to combine their progress from different accounts. This cleaning up procedure will hopefully help everyone now to have a "Fortnite Account" which will be more useful to continue with great ranks, rewards and let players grow more significantly to end up with the winning of battle royale aspirations. Nearly everything on the secondary account gets moved to the primary account, and then the secondary will be disabled.

Definitely you can't merge disabled accounts.

Back in the dark days before Sony gave fans what they wanted and started allowing cross-play, Fortnite players who wanted to play on PS4 and another console were forced to create two separate Epic Games accounts. Sometimes it's hard to keep track of all your loot or how many wins or chicken dinners you have on each account. The stuff from your secondary account will be transferred to the primary account.

"You'll need access to all email addresses that are associated with accounts you wish to merge". This is the account you intend to use as your main one in the future.

Players will remember the times when PS4 fans were unable to use numerous cross-platform options others could with the likes of Xbox One and Switch.

But you know like when you order something online and you have to wait for it to ship, get through customs, and delivered?

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After the merge process, you'll see an "Account Merge Pending" message in the lobby.

Epic's website now offers the easiest way to merge your accounts. "Other Items such as Unreal Marketplace items, Creative Islands, and Save The World account level and progress will not be merged over from your secondary account".

Remember the PS4 Fortnite account curse?

The next steps will be permanent, so make sure you select the correct account.

The process of merging all your content and V-Bucks takes two weeks.

The option can be found by visiting the Epic Games website and finding the merge section. Do you at all play Fortnite on a regular basis?