Google Assistant comes to your text messages


You can also send more information by pressing on the Home button and asking Assistant to send specific results to your friend via Messages. Only days before the announced closure of Allo, Google's little-used messaging app, it looks like one of its smarter features is living on with the Messages texting app for Android. It sounds like we'll just have to wait on Google to deliver more details. The suggestion chips are touted to be based what's available on the thread.

This feature will allow you to quickly get information about restaurants, people, events and should make it easier to exchange useful information.

Google is also adding support for voice typing on KaiOS, the operating system that runs on JioPhone and JioPhone 2 smart feature phones.

So it seems Google Assistant is on its way to Messages-that is as per Android Police. Recently, Google also announced that it is bringing the Google Assistant to feature phones that run on KaiOS.

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The button on these phones does more than just summon Google Assistant with a tap. If you don't choose to share that information, the other person won't see it. After the complete shutdown of Google Allo, Android Messages will be the only texting app of the company which will offer support for SMS, MMS and RCS.

You cool with a Google Assistant button in a future phone or would you rather companies lay-off that kind of hardware implementation and let Assistant live in a software world? This new move is created to let you use the Google Assistant to add information to your text messages.

Google Assistant is now going multi-lingual (a step beyond bi-lingual support) and you could pick a pairing from the following languages - Korean, Hindi, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Dutch, English, Spanish, German, French, Japanese and Italian.

"Now, with the Google Assistant available within Maps users can take advantage of various additional features, activated with simple voice commands".