Fortnite's Next Big In-Game Event Looks to Involve American DJ Marshmello


Unreal. On top of that, Marshmello's actual website lists him as playing at Pleasant Park, so I'd say it's a fairly sure thing.

Fortnite is already known for its live events - one-time only occurrences where you have to be in the game at a certain time to watch it unfold. Previous data mining from patch v7.20 uncovered a secret Marshmello music video, which will presumably debut with his concert. Of course, "Fortnite" is an incredibly popular Battle Royale game that sees 100 players take each other on to fight and see who is the last man standing. Read on, and we'll show you how to complete all of the Fortnite Showtime Challenges and collect your Marshmello rewards. Keep It Mello is an emote you receive for the Showtime venue challenge, so you'll need to do that first in order to perform the dance.

IGN also makes note of a limited time match called "Party at Pleasant Park".

More than likely, however, it seems this feature will be enabled to allow players to enjoy the concert in full without the worry of being killed during it.

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Flashback: Marshmello previously teamed up with popular esports gamer Ninja for the "Fortnite" celebrity tournament at E3 past year.

Marshmello teamed up with Epic Games on the event, with posters advertising the concert scattered around the island and incorporated into the latest round of Fortnite Showtime challenges. Previous collaborations include Marvel (with the Thanos event), Wreck-it Ralph (an emote) and the National Football League (uniform outfits).

The shop has a new Mello Rider glider, which is used in-game to travel to different destinations.