Briefing: Huawei unveils first consumer-ready foldable phone, the Mate X


Both the expensive foldable devices come with a massive 512GB internal storage.

China's biggest smartphone maker has once again managed to bring in an element of surprise to the market as it readies to face off with Samsung in a super-premium segment.

Perhaps surprisingly, Mate X isn't just going to be Huawei's first folding phone: it's also going to be the company's first 5G device. In fact, the Mate X will have that issue as it has a larger cover display. There appears to be no gap in the device's fold which means the display wouldn't have a crease.

While certain apps and types of content won't necessarily fill the screen - a problem especially for watching video on the device - some games seem as though they'll be modified to support the Galaxy Fold's unique aspect ratio. There is only a single array of cameras but it works well in both main camera and selfie modes thanks to the way the screen flexes around. He made the Galaxy Fold look like an unfinished prototype in comparison.

One of the key issues for foldable smartphones is the hinge technology.

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It's hard to convey just how cool-looking the Mate X is.

Like the Galaxy Fold, the Mate X features two batteries that combine to provide a capacity of 4,500mAh.

Samsung Fold does not fold flat, and leaves a small gap there. Three at the back, one at the centre and two on the front. However, as great as the screens are, it still faces the same challenges all foldable phones need to overcome. When it is folded, it still is thin with a thickness of just 11 mm.

What is remarkable about the Mate X's design is just how thin Huawei has managed to make it: The unfolded parts of the phone come in at a mere 5.4mm which is thinner than nearly any other phone today, and also much thinner than what Samsung was able to achieve in the Galaxy Fold. Once again, Huawei is beating its rivals in terms of product design. The release date of the Huawei Mate X is "from the middle of 2019". However, it could also be a reference to a 4G LTE Note variant, since 5G technology won't exactly be ubiquitous by year's end. When closed, the front screen measures 6.6 inches, comparing favorably with large non-folding handsets. Take a piece of paper and fold it. Like the Samsung Galaxy Fold revealed last week, the Mate X transforms from the form-factor of a regular, everyday smartphone to a significantly larger device, similar in scale to a tablet yet arguably more manageable in the hand.