Ben Affleck hands over his cape to a new Batman


What is Man from U.N.C.L.E, really, if not a low-key Batman/Superman spy AU? That's the movie James Gunn is writing, which you read about first here on Gizmodo, and now is officially in talks to direct, according to the Hollywood Reporter. It became clear even before word that Henry Cavill is done as Superman got out.

In February 2017, Matt Reeves joined the Batman project and excitedly told the press that he was looking forward to follow in the footsteps of Christopher Nolan and Zack Sneyder.

There has been much back and forth about Ben Affleck's ultimate involvement in The Batman. Variety and THR have reported that sources indicate Affleck's tweet is him bidding farewell to the role. He confirmed he's passing the torch and the mantle of "Batman to" a new actor. The fight choreography in that show is stunning and Charlie Cox absolutely knocks it out of the park in every single scene that he's in.

That began two years of extensive reports- which I recently collected into ONE MASSIVE POST to celebrate RTF's first anniversary on the 15th.

The concept behind casting Affleck as Batman-an older, grizzled Bruce Wayne who has seen some things-was sound.

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What makes Affleck's turn as Batman so curious is that his Batman exists in this odd No Man's Land where he's a part of superhero movies, but he doesn't have a superhero movie to call his own.

Whew. Oscar Isaac is so handsome y'all.

He's actually my number one choice for Scott Free aka Mr. Miracle. This gives the production plenty of time to finalize its script and find a new Batman, which means we've probably got a good six months' worth of reckless speculation and rumormongering to look forward to.

Well, as long as it is getting made, we are fine with it. Right now, I'm involved in The Batman.

I will miss him in the role and lament what might have been. He's is, after all, both vengeance and the night, so we're kinda just used to Batman stalking through shadows and beating the bat-bejesus out of people.