Ariana Grande fixes her misspelled hand tattoo


The pop star meant to celebrate her chart-topping new single, "7 Rings", by having the title tattooed on her palm in Japanese characters - but she ended up accidentally paying tribute to a small barbecue grill.

However, many social media users noted that Grande hadn't actually managed to fix the tattoo, as the new character symbols mean it now says "Japanese BBQ finger" or "small charcoal grill finger", instead of "7 Rings". After fans pointed out the pop singer's Japanese tattoo was misspelled, she attempted to correct the problem-but it's still wrong.

"Slightly better. Thanks to my tutor for helping me fix and to @kanenavassard for being a legend". The modified tattoo on her palm now legibly reads: "Japanese BBQ finger" which in some ways, only exacerbates the issue with the original tat.

Most recently, it was after she had a tattoo removed that read "8414", the badge number of "Saturday Night Live" star Pete Davidson's late firefighter dad who died in the attacks on September 11th. And also to my doctor for the lidocaine shots.

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Jen Frederick tweeted: "If she's learning Japanese, she should fire her tutor". "If you want to know about 七輪, just google 'SHICHIRIN'".

Acknowledging the error on her Twitter account, she wrote in a now-deleted message: "Indeed, I left out [some characters] which should have gone in between. Miss [you] man. I actually really liked [you]".

Ariana Grande doesn't seem to love barbecue grills as much as she appeared to yesterday.

Neither of these configurations are coherent in Japanese, as BuzzFeed notes, so most people would likely read the phrase left to right as 七輪指♡, which roughly translates to "small charcoal grill finger ♡".