An Auctioned Off Copy of Super Mario Bros


That's some serious coin.

Sold by Heritage Auctions, the cartridge "set a world record for a graded game", so it's definitely up there in terms of price.

'I've always said personally that I believe that sticker-sealed Mario is possibly one of the most significant video gaming items historically, ' said Deniz Khan, the president of Wata Games who authenticate video game collectables.

The executive confirmed that "Super Mario Bros." will not appear in an auction of video games later this month, but added that it may end up in an auction at some point in the future. Super Mario Bros. launched the world's largest game franchise and this copy is the only known sealed example from Nintendo's test market release.

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So this game survived without ever being opened and, not only that, being barely damaged at all despite not coming with shrink wrap.

Imperfect versions of this game can be found for less than $100, but this edition was special.

One of the game's buyers, Jim Halperin, didn't rule out selling the copy of Super Mario Bros. on. It's not unthinkable that a copy of Super Mario Bros. like this one could eventually be worth that much.

The game was purchased as a joint effort on February 6 by a group of collectors, including renowned coin dealer Rich Lecce, the founder of the auction house itself Jim Halperin, and multiple video game collectors. Not only is this the only known sealed copy of the first US print run of Super Mario Bros., it is also in almost immaculate condition. There's no word as to what they plan to do with the game now, but don't be surprised if you hear it's up for auction again down the line. Wata Games, which rates and certifies collectible video games, has given it a near-mint rating of 9.4, while the sticker has been given a seal rating of A++.