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White House press secretary Sarah Sanders appeared on Wednesday's Fox & Friends to defend herself amid criticism that she had stopped holding official press briefings at the president's direction.

So I'm sure by now most people have noticed that the Sarah Huckabee Sanders has not been doing her daily press briefings for quite some time now, several months actually, and the few times she does get behind that podium showing answer questions for a few minutes and then walk away.

"Team of Vipers: My 500 Extraordinary Days in the Trump White House", which goes on sale next week, was written by Cliff Sims, who served as a special assistant to the 45th president.

A reporter asked where the additional funding for the wall would come from, to which Ms Sanders responded: "The President has been clear that the USMCA deal would provide additional revenue through that deal that would show that Mexico was paying for the wall".

The last briefing where Ms Sanders took questions from reporters was on December 18.

The reason became a little clearer after a tweet from President Trump. "The president made a very strong statement Saturday and we're waiting for Democrats to come to the table and shoulder their share of the negotiation". Trump said. "Most will never cover us fairly & hence, the term, Fake News!"

"We're in the business of getting information to the American people, not making stars out of people that want to become contributors on CNN", Sanders said.

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Sanders said that she, the president and officials within the White House are "on-call nearly 24 hours a day" when it comes to speaking with the press.

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders is slashing down self-described democratic socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's (D-N.Y.) comment that the world is ending in 12 years.

However, the WHCA President Olivier Knox criticized the lack of press briefings and said the Trump administration is setting a "terrible precedent".

Sanders also took issue with the accuracy of the media on Hannity Tuesday night, particularly last week's BuzzFeed News report that stated President Trump had told his attorney Michael Cohen to lie to Congress.

"Certainly, not listen to the freshman congresswoman on when the world may end", Sarah said.

"Who cares?" Trump said at the time in response to the claim, as IJR Red reported.

"Why do you think Nancy [Pelosi] has held on this long?"