Rihanna Sues Father for Exploiting Her Name


Rihanna sued her father on Tuesday, alleging that he has traded on their last name to solicit millions in investments.

She also alleges that Ronald claims to have ran the business offers by Roc Nation, Rih's actual label, but the songstress insists that nobody from Roc Nation was ever made aware of what her father was doing.

Rihanna wants the court to prohibit her father and the other man from using Fenty or any other terms that can be confused with her name in order to sell or promote any services and goods. She had since trademark the brand in her name and slapped it on various products including makeup, lipsticks, lingerie, and a fashion line in collaboration with Puma called Fenty X Puma.

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TMZ reports that Rihanna, in court documents, claims her father started a talent development company in 2017 and named it Fenty Entertainment, adding that he's profiting off the reputation she's created with Fenty. However the singer says that despite several attempts to handle this matter privately, her dad continues to make money off of Fenty Entertainment and has repeatedly ignored her cease and desist letters ordering him to stop capitalizing off of her Fenty trademarks.

She said she never authorized them to act as her booking agent. In addition to gigs in Las Vegas and Los Angeles, Fenty Entertainment reportedly booked an entire Latin American tour to the tune of $15 million.

The suit alleges that Ronald Fenty tried to trademark the "Fenty" name, claiming that he planned to use it in connection with resort hotels, even though Rihanna's company has already trademarked it. She is also asking for damages and attorney's fees.