LeBron's Camp Reportedly Trying to Get Luke Walton Removed as Lakers Coach


Nothing new right? Outside of the Miami Heat, who stuck by Erik Spoelstra, numerous coaches have been fired for various reasons.

Lakers president Magic Johnson and general manager Rob Pelinka are considering two types of trades as the February 7 National Basketball Association trade deadline approaches, The Athletic's Bill Oram reported Friday, citing team sources.

The Lakers are now 25-24 overall, 4-6 in their past 10 games and sit two games behind the Clippers for the eighth seed in the West. James has not played since he suffered a groin injury versus the Warriors on Christmas Day. The goal of both options is to propel the Lakers into the playoffs, and avoid the embarrassment of missing the postseason in the first year of their LeBron James era. The Lakers need LeBron, but not if he's risking his future health.

James originally suffered the injury in the third quarter of the Lakers' win over the Warriors in December.

According to Brian Windhorst & Hoop Collective, there are rumbling over at LeBron James' camp that they want a new head coach for the Los Angeles Lakers. Here are the quotes...

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"There's a lot of tension in that building", she said. "They're not too subtle about that". There's plenty of them and they've made it known. "But the Pelicans still have to cooperate, and it's not like Anthony Davis is going to say 'I want to go to the Lakers only.' He's going to say he wants out and he wants to be with a contender". "I don't think this is a shock, is it?" "That's a fair thing to say".

"When they clear him, he goes", Walton said.

If LeBron James really wanted Luke Walton as his coach, he would strongly support him in this hard time while he was out.

"So it's a Boston [Celtics] situation, it's a Lakers situation, it could potentially be a Brooklyn Nets situation". Let's look at all the players, shall we?