Labour calls for vote that could trigger Brexit referendum


British Prime Minister Theresa May just laid out her statement on Brexit "Plan B" following the historic defeat of her deal Parliament voted on last week.

Mrs May said no-deal couldn't be taken off the table without eventually revoking Article 50, warning that this would "go against the referendum result".

Theresa May has sought to buy herself time and goodwill to salvage her Brexit deal by scrapping a £65 fee for European Union citizens registering to stay in the UK.

Mrs May addressed MPs to outline her latest approach to Brexit after MPs roundly rejected the agreement she negotiated with the European Union by a margin of 230 votes.

A longtime Labour member has vowed to vote Conservative for the first time ever if Jeremy Corbyn backs a second referendum.

Here is a look at the amendments which are due to be voted on by MPs on January 29.

She made it clear that the level of support "expected from Labour MPs was not deemed strong enough to pass" Brexit legislation before Britain leaves, Sky News reported.

Mrs May sought to reassure MPs that they will be given "a proper say and fuller involvement" in establishing the UK's position in negotiations on future relations with the EU.

Last week Prime Minister Theresa May said the European Union had made it clear there will be no flexibility on border checks in the event of a no-deal.

However, the party said it did not mean it supported another referendum and lawmakers cautioned that the amendment would not garner the support of parliament.

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Below is the wording of Labour's amendment.

"It is time for Labour's alternative plan to take center stage, while keeping all options on the table, including the option of a public vote", said Corbyn, who put his name to the amendment.

However, reports suggest she intends to instead press on with attempts to win over her own MPs and the Democratic Unionist Party by assuaging objections to the Irish backstop - aka Plan A.

Labour tabled an amendment in the Commons on Monday that raises the prospect of a vote on a second referendum on Brexit, but the party has fallen short of committing MPs to fully backing another vote.

She told parliament she could not take a "no-deal" Brexit off the table as there was no approved alternative yet, and that the European Union would be unlikely to postpone Britain's exit date - determined by the "Article 50" withdrawal notice - without an exit plan.

The former Cabinet minister said a second vote would inevitable produce only a narrow victory for either side, but was coming "unless some extraordinary turn of events prevents it", adding: "It's coming by a process of elimination, not because it's a good idea in itself".

Pressed whether there was any scope for a bilateral deal between the United Kingdom and Ireland, he responded: "We are one team".

He said: "I can reiterate our commitment to the Good Friday Agreement and support to peace and trans-border cooperation in which we have been investing in for years".

A Government source told the Telegraph Mr Robbins had sent the text to Mr Hammond but claimed that what he said had been "misrepresented".

"The #GFA is an worldwide peace treaty, lodged with the @UN - it also has a mandate of 94% in Ireland and 71% in Northern Ireland".

Writing in the Mail on Sunday the leading Eurosceptic said that in a choice between the withdrawal agreement and no Brexit he would back her deal.