Colossal spinning ice disk in city’s river brings out the curious


Either that or a giant alien space craft has landed in Westbrook, Maine.

A CURIOUS spinning ice disc almost 300 feet wide in a U.S. river is attracting mystified crowds. "It's pretty wild to look at".

The Portland Press Herald reports the disc is roughly 300 feet (91 meters) in diameter.

No exact measurement of the Westbrook Ice Disc has been taken, but in video shot from a drone and shared by the city, it appears larger than two nearby downtown buildings.

"I would bet that this is not the first time in history this has been observed there, unless the shape of the river bank was recently changed in a significant way", Scambos said of the Westbrook ice.

Its appearance has been likened to a moon, an alien creation, a crop circle and a giant Lazy Susan; regardless, a sprawling disk of ice spinning in the Presumpscot River in Westbrook, Maine, has people talking. "I think it will continue to gain in thickness as long as it keeps spinning", said Mitchell, adding that the massive saucer acted as a giant Lazy Susan for ducks that made a decision to investigate it.

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The motion of the river slowly grinds the piece of ice into a flawless circle, USA Today reports.

"The Return of Wessie", she wrote of the ice disk.

Photos of the circle went viral after being posted by Tina Radel, the city's marketing and communications director.

Water is densest at 39.2 degrees Fahrenheit, and as the disk cools the water around it, the water temperature falls to that magic number, causing water to sink and create a spin-driving vortex.

Westbrook is a city of 17,500 just to the west of Portland.