Carmen Sandiego Trailer Brings the Iconic Woman in Red to Netflix


The clip introduces Carmen as a highly skilled thief who only steals from other thieves.

Netflix has released the trailer for their upcoming Carmen Sandiego animated series. The iconic woman in red returns for new worldwide capers and a peek into her past.

From the stunning animation to the incredible voice acting (did I already mention the incomparable Gina Rodriguez is in this?!), this reboot is primed for bingeing success-but only time will tell where in your queue it ends up.

Starring Gina Rodriguez, Carmen Sandiego follows the incredible globetrotting adventures of the titular character (in her trademark red trench coat and hat) as she puts her skills as a master thief to use for good. Teaming up with Player, a techy kid voiced by Stranger Things' Finn Wolfhard, she's stealing artifacts so that V.I.L.E. doesn't get their hands on them.

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This new show seems to be diving into her backstory, painting her as a heroic character who started out as a student of V.I.L.E., the rival organization of the ACME Detective Agency, and tracks how she became a world-renowned global thief.

The character originated in the 1985 PC game Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?

Rodriguez will also be playing the character in a live-action Netflix film - with a premiere date yet to be announced.