American Airlines kicks family off Miami flight for body odor


Yossi Adler and his wife Jennie, who were also with their 19 month-old-daughter, denied having body odor and said they were picked out for being Jewish. There's nothing wrong with us'. "I have eight children at home and there's a religious reason for some reason that they're kicking me off the plane", Adler replied.

Not because of an altercation or a drunken rampage. but because other passengers had complained about their body odor.

Meanwhile, her husband wants to know the real reason why they got kicked out.

He said it got even worse.

"We have the same clothes, no vehicle seat or stroller for the baby and they have the audacity to say, 'Don't let it happen again tomorrow, '" Yossi Adler said.

A family vacationing in Miami said they were booted from an American Airlines flight this week due to complaints about their odor.

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American Airlines said in a statement that the Adlers were asked to deplane after "multiple passengers, along with our crew members, complained about Mr. Adler's body odor". The airline put Adler and his family up in a hotel for the night and booked them on a flight home the following day. "I said: 'Excuse me?"

The couple, both 37, had eight other children at home in Southfield, Mich., so Adler said that he and his wife were anxious that there may have been an incident involving one of them.

The spokesperson confirms the family members were separated from their suitcases, adding, "Their luggage flew on the original flight to Detroit last night and was waiting for them upon arrival this morning". "Because we just got kicked off a plane for smelling", said Jennie Adler.

Video showed the Adlers approach a ticket counter Wednesday evening, complaining that the airline had removed them from the plane and then sent their belongings ahead to Detroit.

Annoyances on flights aren't new, but this sparks a bigger debate: At what level of inconvenience do airlines throw people off flights if they aren't a danger to the rest of the passengers? But he feels employees of American Airlines were very disrespectful.

'It's embarrassing but we asked them, "Do you think we smell?" He thought we don't take showers for that.