What happens if the Senate goes 'nuclear?'


Trump had said he would not sign a Senate-passed bill to keep the government running through February 8 because it lacked funds for the wall, a signature promise of his 2016 run for office, so Republicans in the House of Representatives scrambled to add money to appease the president.

"Republicans may now try to table a stopgap bill that does include Dollars 5bn in Wall funding, but it is unlikely that this will find support from the Democrats - or in the words of Senate Minority Leader Schumer: "There are not the votes in the Senate for a wall, not now, not next week, not next month or beyond".

Friday's voting dragged on as senators rushed back to town. It didn't happen! We foolishly fight for Border Security for other countries - but not for our beloved United States of America.

The government funding package, which includes almost $8 billion in disaster aid for coastal hurricanes and California wildfires, now goes to the Senate, where its prospects are grim amid strong opposition from Democrats. But he dug in Thursday, telling House Republican leaders he wouldn't sign the Senate bill that didn't have the money.

The House voted 217-185 to pass the new version of the bill, mostly split between Republicans and Democrats, who have rejected funding the wall.

And Trump himself lashed out at Republican leaders on Twitter after speaking by telephone with Ryan. With 60 votes needed to advance an appropriations bill to a final vote, Republican senators need Democratic votes to make it over that threshold.

Scrambling to keep up with the president, Republicans in the House of Representatives late on Thursday passed a remade spending bill with $5.7bn for Trump's wall built in.

"The president is doing everything that he can to shut the government down".

On Friday, as he talked about the House vote Thursday, he mentioned the slats again as he praised the GOP for "approving strong border security and the money necessary to take care of the barrier wall or steel slats". "Not for political purposes but for our country, for the safety of our community".

But funding for other agencies, including the Department of Homeland Security, the Justice Department and the Agriculture Department, is set to expire at midnight on Friday.

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'President Trump, you will not get your wall.

Trump has demanded $5 billion to build a wall on the southern USA border with Mexico, his signature campaign promise. The measure will now have to pass through the House before arriving at President Trump's desk.

Three-quarters of government programs are fully funded through next September 30, including those carried out by the Defence Department, Labor Department and Health and Human Services.

Schumer said on the Senate floor that it's the president who 'has us careening towards a Trump shutdown over Christmas, ' as he told Trump that he would not meet his border security demands.

Ryan and Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy had endured complaints during a private morning meeting earlier Thursday from rank-and-file Republicans in the Capitol that they were closing out their majority without a fight on a major issue.

Trump's demand was echoed by Sen.

A partial shutdown would force federal parks to close unless the government also declares them an essential service.

Trump has bounced back and forth with mixed messages.

Though most Americans find it unacceptable for the government to shut down under a united, one-party government, 40% of conservatives would be OK with it, according to a new INSIDER poll. "The Republicans are in disarray".

The "big attractive wall" has now become "steel slats".