UK can unilaterally stop Brexit process, EU court rules


The decision to halt the vote came just hours after the EU's top court ruled that Britain could unilaterally withdraw its decision to leave the bloc on March, 29.

This ruling will raise hopes for those who want to remain in the European Union, particularly those who are calling for a so-called people's vote, a second referendum on the issue.

Media reports said May is under pressure from her Cabinet to delay today's vote on the draft Brexit plan and fly to Brussels to secure more concessions ahead of a planned summit with the other 27 European Union leaders on Thursday and Friday.

Pro-Brexit demonstrators, calling on the British government to invoke article 50 immediately, and urging them not to hold a second referendum, shout slogans and hold placards as they protest outside the Houses of Parliament in London, September 5, 2016. The Government had been using the threat of "uncertainty" to convince MPs to vote for Theresa May's deal, warning that an accidental no-deal could occur if it was rejected by the Commons.

The ECJ ruling comes ahead of Tuesday's crunch vote on the Prime Minister's Brexit deal.

The high court announced on Monday that Britain is free to revoke its so-called Article 50 notice any time before it's due to leave the bloc on March 29., with no penalty.

"Investment plans have been paused for two-and-a-half years", she said. "If we went ahead and held the vote [Tuesday] the deal would be rejected by a significant margin".

"The government has lost control of events and is in complete disarray", said opposition Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. The Good Law Project was not supported by Labour or the Conservatives: "The tiny Good Law Project and six fearless Scottish Parliamentarians have taken on the Government, the other 27 Member States and the Commission - and won", added the statement.

The ultimate Brexit outcome will shape Britain's $2.8 trillion economy, have far reaching consequences for the unity of the United Kingdom and determine whether London can keep its place as one of the top two global financial centres.

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Here, however, the European Court of Justice has added another variable to the mix.

The case was initially brought to court by a group of politicians from four parties, working in three different parliaments.

She called on lawmakers to compromise on a Brexit deal. Boris Johnson, who was instrumental in the Leave campaign's victory, said that defeat for the Prime Minister would not necessarily cost May her job, but she would have to go back and renegotiate the terms of the deal.

The backstop requires Britain to abide by some European Union rules indefinitely - potentially long after it quits the bloc and gives up say in setting them - unless some future mechanism can be found to ensure a friction-free land border.

"The British people gave a clear instruction to leave, and we are delivering on that instruction", a spokesman said, according to Bloomberg.

The government did not spell out the mechanism for delaying the vote scheduled for Tuesday.

The UK can reverse Brexit by unilaterally revoking Article 50, the EU's highest court has ruled.

The EU's top court yesterday ruled that the United Kingdom could unilaterally revoke its divorce notice, while British Prime Minister Theresa May on Sunday said that if parliament rejects her Brexit deal, it could leave Britain in the EU and bring the opposition Labour Party to power.