Turkey threatens new Syria offensive against U.S. objection


As the Syrian Democratic Forces-backed by the US -led coalition-and the Syrian armed forces-backed by Russian Federation and various pro-government militias, including Shiite Muslim fighters sponsored by Iran-turned the tide against ISIS nationwide, Turkey intervened on behalf of the Syrian opposition, which was losing major cities to the Syrian military and clashing with Kurdish fighters.

Although the SDF said it now controlled Hajin, it also reported that clashes with Isis fighters continued inside the town.

U.S. officials sent a message to Syrian opposition and military leaders allied with Ankara, saying the East Euphrates area and the city of Manbij are a "red line" to the American army.

The YPG has been an issue between the United States and Turkey since the start of the US campaign against the Islamic State in Syria.

SDF has been trying to take the enclave for more than three months.

Before today's victory, Brett McGurk, the USA presidential envoy in the fight against the terror group, said that "almost every ISIS fighter is wearing a suicide vest".

Abu Layla said that disagreements among IS ranks over hierarchy between Iraqi and Syrian fighters helped "speed up the collapse" of the extremist group's defenses in Hajin.

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The Observatory said that since the SDF offensive began on September 10, 922 IS gunmen, 539 SDF fighters and 324 civilians have been killed.

Earlier in the week, US President Donald Trump predicted that the terrorist group would be fully defeated within a month.

Meanwhile, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan intensified his criticism of us support for the Syrian Kurdish fighters, saying Friday that Turkey would clear the key northern town of Manbij.

Fox News reported that in the summer of 2018, the USA and Turkey had created a "road map" for Manbij to remove YPG; Turkey calls YPG a terror organization. The upcoming operation aims to target the YPG areas east of the Euphrates River in northeastern Syria. The US refuses to accept any connection between the PKK and the YPG, despite Turkey providing strong evidence proving the relationship. "We are burying the terrorists in the trenches that they dig and will continue to do so", he said. The country's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan asked United States forces to clear the contentious Manbij town of YPG forces so as to avert any direct confrontation with Washington.

Erdogan's threat comes days after he announced his military would launch a new cross-border operation into Syria "within a few days" to fight the YPG east of the Euphrates.

Syrian rebels, previously in 2016, ousted a contingent of USA soldiers from the al-Rai town in the Turkish-occupied portion of northwestern Syria, calling the latter "pigs" and threatening to behead them.

"The [planned Turkish] military operation east of the Euphrates is a continuation of the Euphrates Shield and Olive Branch Operations, which brought safety and stability to the Syrian people", he said in a statement on social media.