This is why you get Trump image when you Google 'Idiot'


Lawmakers in the U.S. House of Representatives have invited Google CEO Sundra Pichai to ask him why the company's search engine website brings up numerous pictures of President Donald Trump when users type the word "idiot".

Google CEO Sundar Pichai was forced to explain to USA congress on Tuesday why images of Donald Trump crop up when you tap the word "idiot" - a word that's also now become the most searched term on Google in light of the revelation.

Why is Donald Trump dominating Google Images page when a search is made using the word "idiot"? EO Mark Zuckerberg was grilled earlier this year, and this hearing was more of the same.

Tom Lee's recent comments call to mind a statement by Tezos Co-founder and CEO, Kathleen Breitman that only small minds would continue to check the price of cryptocurrencies every now and then.

It is likely that Google will come under increased pressure in the coming months and years to reorient its commitments, especially as US-China tensions intensify. Picahi provided some insight into how Google prioritises search results. According to him, if BTC wallet account hits even 7% of total Visa accounts, BTC's fair value could reach up to $150,000.

U.S. Rep. David Cicilline, a Democrat from Rhode Island, told Pichai he meant to work with the FTC to draw up a regulatory framework to prevent Google from throttling its rivals through its search engine, which handles two out of every three queries in the U.S.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai Gets a Thumbs Up After Testimony
Today I Discovered Why Searching Google For 'Idiot' Show Trump

A grilling of Google CEO saw the word "idiot" being searched for more than one million times.

"Google is manipulating search and news results to bias them towards what it thinks it knows about people, based on the troves of personal data it has on them", Weinberg told Yahoo Finance after Pichai's Congress hearing.

But drawing up regulations governing that area of search results would be more likely to raise First Amendment issues, making them even more hard to impose.

"I do think we've definitely gotten better at areas where you're better able to clearly define policies, where there's less subjectivity", said Pichai, pointing to YouTube, where the company's machine-learning tools have been put to use to spot and take down terrorist content.

Many conservatives have maintained that they believe that Google tampers with its search engines although Google has shot the theory down. In response, the Google leader said the company would brief Congress before proceeding.

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