The health and survival of United States women is holding back gender equality


"Only 23% of the political gap - unchanged since past year - has been closed, and no country has yet fully closed political empowerment gaps", according to the report, which compared the number of political offices held by women and men.

In education, the country received a low evaluation for the proportion of women enrolled in higher educational institutions.

"When it comes to political and economic leadership, the world still has a long way to go", the report said. The country has closed almost 40 per cent of its gender gap on this sub-index.

Pakistan made some good progress this year in wage equality as well as on the educational attainment sub-index. Thus, the gap between women and men at the Artificial intelligence in Germany is very large: Only 16 percent of the Talent pool are women.

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Proportionately, there are fewer women than men participating in the workforce now, and they are significantly under-represented in growing areas of employment that require science, technology, engineering and math skills. They often work as data analysts or researchers, while men find employment as heads of engineering and information technology, according to the report. It also studied the phenomenon of "missing women" in countries, including the Philippines, where families prefer to have sons over daughters. Only with the participation of women in the promise of a well-'ll have to implement the human-oriented future. Despite its top performance, the country has seen a slight regression on economic participation and opportunity after an increased gender gap in the number of women legislators, senior officials and managers. In the previous year, the authors had found for the first time since the publication of the 2006 study, a widening of the gap between women and men. The directionally positive average trend registered this year is supported by improvements in 89 countries. This is just one of the initiatives that have helped the nation close 82% of its gender gap. It was followed by Norway, Sweden, Finland and Nicaragua.

According to a 2017 study by the Brookings Institution, a USA think tank, the use of digital tools has increased in 517 of 545 occupations since 2002 in the United States alone, with a striking uptick in many lower-skilled occupations.

A major driver of the growing gender gap has been a widening disparity between men's and women's economic participation. The Institute for Public Policy Research pointed out that the greater move to automation and AI will also risk exacerbating gender and racial inequality as women and some ethnic minority groups are more likely to work in the those lower-skilled jobs. This may well take up to 108 years. To equality in the workplace, so it will take 202 years.