Sydney apartment high-rise evacuated after 'cracking' heard


As many as 3,000 people have been evacuated after residents of a newly completed tower block in Australia reported hearing "cracking noises".

Several roads and a nearby train station were closed as a precaution.

Police said the Opal Tower apartment building moved a fraction of an inch on the 10th floor, leaving some people trapped in their apartments because the shifting floor caused their doors to jam.

Concerns were raised for the Opal Tower on Brushbox Street about 2.45pm, with occupants telling police they heard the worrying noises throughout the morning.

The building has shifted between one and two millimetres as a result of the issue, Police Detective Superintendent Philip Rogerson said.

Another resident told ABC News there were cracks on the building's 12th and 13th floors.

The website for the Opal Tower says the building has 392 apartments, commercial spaces, a childcare centre and community centre.

Emergency services were called to the site on Monday afternoon following reports residents had heard and seen cracking in a wall throughout the morning.

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"I'm concerned, of course", he said. "A few days ago the doors looked different, like they couldn't close properly. And you do feel [movement] sometimes when there's strong wind".

Fire trucks in front of Opal Tower during an inspection by firefighters and engineers early on Christmas Day.

Fire & Rescue NSW superintendent Adam Dewberry told AAP the strata manager would be working with the insurer and builders to fix the issue, but he wasn't sure what work would be happening on Tuesday.

"It's been a particularly frustrating time for residents and we're very aware they are keen to go home the night before Christmas".

Ecove is now developing a fifth apartment building, the 38-storey Boomerang Tower.

Police "identified there was a crack in the building", he added, alerting emergency services.

Police quickly arrived and evacuated those who had not already rushed outside of the 117m tower, which was only completed in August and has 392 apartments, a retail area and a childcare centre.