Super Smash Bros. Ultimate breaks the series' launch sales record in Japan


Ultimate, the Nintendo franchise that brings its most beloved characters together to beat the life out of each other, also has the power to bring the police and black teens together to bond over playing the video game.

Williams is familiar with the area, "We're not trouble". Suddenly the officers had controllers and were learning the ins and outs of Smash, from how to play to just how far-reaching the roster was. Sometimes, we drink beer.It was concerning.

Police called to a St. Paul, Minnesota apartment last Friday for a noise complaint found a group of people engaged in a heated match of "Super Smash Bros".

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When the police realised it was all fun and games, Williams asked them to participate.

The cops literally raised their hands with one joking, "How do you jump?". "They confirmed, a few times, that we weren't even loud".

I have noticed on forums and on the Smash subreddit that many players have already been calling for a balance patch to be issued out to the game with the goal of buffing and nerfing select fighters. It turns out the officers knew how to play this particular game very well. "I heard the police asking, 'What Smash Brothers?' Instead of something negative ... it was something wholesome".