SpaceX rocket hoists cargo to space station ahead of unexpected splashdown


On Wednesday, a holiday shipment carrying Christmas turkey combined with candied yams, cranberry sauce as well as fruitcake was launched to deliver the supplies to ISS (International Space Station).

SpaceX quickly cut the live feed from the rocket as it began to spin out of control. At the moment, SpaceX is really inspired with his success against models of Falcon 9, and will probably continue his experiments with the rocket - however, it remains only to wait for that.

CEO Elon Musk further noted that Falcon 9 B1050 - despite landing in the ocean - was intact and still transmitting telemetry, potentially allowing SpaceX to still recovery the forlorn rocket.

SpaceX's 12 previous ground landings - dating back to 2015 - all were successful.

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As USA Today notes, the rocket's booster was the first Falcon 9 to launch three missions, an important part of the company's plan to reduce costs by reusing rockets.

After it released its payload into Earth's orbit, the SpaceX booster was recovered safely in the Pacific Ocean, according to a SpaceX spokesperson.

His immediate reaction was that a hydraulic pump on one of the grid fins failed.

"Public safety was well protected here", he told reporters. It is the sixth resupply mission to the space station this year. Investigations on the International Space Station are organized by both NASA and the ISS National Lab. Scientists expect a tenfold increase in the worm population. Besides, a study also shows that the muscles in worms are the same in function and structure to human muscles thus making them the flawless subject to carry out a study, said researcher Timothy Etheridge. The launch was delayed one day because NASA discovered that the food bars for the mice were contaminated with mold. They're away from their families and friends for months on end, don't have access to numerous basic creature comforts we all enjoy, and live on a somewhat limited selection of food... unless, of course, it's Christmas. It also becomes the 20th overall launch conducted by Elon Musk's company in a single year, an absolute record for any space operator, be it government-owned or privately operated.